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Use Your Super Mind

At-a-glance Summary

Your mind can do more than you think it can! This enjoyable course combines fascinating demonstrations with unusual and memorable learning experiences.


There are four modules and you choose which ones you want:

  • Perfect memory. We will show you how to remember anything with perfect recall.
  • Speed reading. This is a tremendously useful skill, but unfortunately there is a lot of mythology surrounding it. We give you accurate information about what it can achieve.
  • Creative thinking. Creative thinking is a skill anyone can learn. This is a tremendously useful skill in business and product development.
  • Math Magic. Many people say they hate mathematics. Actually, you can have a lot of fun with numbers when you know how! We will prove you can perform advanced calculations in your head!


All these subjects are fun to learn. We emphasise active, participative learning throughout, and each module involves a series of practical exercises and demonstrations.

Paractical Business Benefits

Depending on the modules that you select, you will learn how to:

  • remember anything with perfect recall
  • harness the power of speed reading
  • think creatively at will
  • perform advanced mathematical stunts in your mind