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Impossible Thinking

At-a-glance Summary

This award-winning course is about new ways of thinking. It’s about getting from ‘this can’t be done’ to ‘we’ve done it’, and every point is backed up by detailed case studies.


This is a structured course on tackling ‘impossible’ problems, and achieving seemingly ‘impossible’ business goals.

The material is drawn from many sources, as well as our experience as consultants frequently hired to achieve ‘impossible’ results.

Key elements include:

  • What impossible thinking is, and why it matters
  • Seven principles of impossible thinking
  • Case studies of impossible thinking in action
  • Solving impossible problems
  • Winning impossible fights — when market losers become leaders

This is not a ‘watch, yawn and switch off’ course. We emphasise active, participative learning throughout.

Paractical Business Benefits

You will learn how to:

  • think in ways that yield practical business advantages
  • tackle impossible problems — and solve them systematically
  • achieve impossible business goals, such as introducing ‘impossible’ products that lead to market domination

You will also learn about:

  • thinking habits that harm your success
  • remarkable business success based on ‘impossible thinking’
  • the mindset of magicians who devise ways to achieve the impossible on a regular basis